We've listed below some of the common questions we get about our range of New Zealand made natural dog shampoos, conditioners and spritz products. But if you have any others please feel free to get in touch with us.

What's the best way to wash my dog?

Wet your dog all over and massage Kin dog shampoo into your dog's fur, starting from the neck and moving down your dog's body. Gently wash your dog's face with a cloth and a little shampoo on it, avoiding the eyes. Rinse off the lather thoroughly and towel dry.

Does Kin dog shampoo deter fleas?

Yes! We've added lemongrass and neem oil which are both natural flea, tick and mosquito repellants.

It doesn't foam much, is that right?

Yes, it is, because we use natural surfactants these do not foam as much as synthetic ones. The good news is though, it cleans just as well!

How is it different from other pet shampoos?

Kin is designed to be an all round natural pet shampoo that is both gentle and soothing for irritated skin and also to be a natural flea and tick repellant. This is achieved by using plant based surfactants, New Zealand native oils of Manuka, Kanuka and Harakeke as well as Lemongrass and Neem oils

How much do I use?

Kin pet shampoo is ready to use, so it will depend on your dogs' size. But for a medium size dog, our 300ml bottle should last at least 10 baths.

Why does my bottle say shake well before use?

Because this is an all natural product made from natural ingredients there is likely to be “sedimentation” of ingredients after sitting around for a long time because no synthetics were used in this formulation. This may look like the product has separated out, this is not a fault, the product will easily mix together again when shaken.

Is it safe to use on humans?

Absolutely! In fact it was tested on both humans and dogs. All ingredients in Kin are perfectly suitable for humans and great too for sensitive skin.

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